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Framing is (Nearly) Everything

More generally, framing is simply the way we look at or describe things. Framing declining sales as a “sales problem” or as a “product problem” is a big deal because those different framings lead to enormous differences in analysis, decision-making, and action. Choose the wrong frame and you’ll end up solving the wrong problem and putting your business at risk.

It’s Not You or Me. It’s Us

When I was in the fifth grade, I changed schools. The new school had a placement test with two sections: Verbal and Math. Being 10 years old, I wasn’t too worried so when my mom dropped me off with my two No. 2 pencils

One Thing No One Wants to Talk About: Boredom

It can happen to all of us at some point in our careers. Sometimes, there’s just no spark in our workday. We can be quick to call it burnout. But it might be boredom. I’ve been there. In my case, it was a new job at the beginning of my career. I wanted to contribute and have interesting work, but first, I needed to learn the boring-to-me administrative ropes of the role before I was sent off for training. In the training program, I knew I’d learn the exciting elements that represented learning, growth, and the accomplishment of being a professional. I needed patience. In the meantime, I was bored.

People Before Policy

Think of a job that you chose to leave (or are about to leave). What was the core problem? Reasons vary but there are typically some recurring themes tied to engagement:
 · No forward path (or someone actively blocked it)