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Meet PPL

Just like our work, PPL is an organization built with intention, clarity, and purpose.

PPL–We’re both a team and a philosophy

An organization is so much more than one identity

Just like each individual human being, each organization and each team has a personality and culture that is multi-faceted and unique—Paradigm is no different.

Learning with you for almost 40 years

We’re committed to learning and growing

For almost 40 years, the PPL family has pursued research, insights, and strategies to support you and your people.

Our work is both a way of doing and a way of being

Yes, personality matters—we know that to be true because we’ve done this work ourselves—individually and as an organization.
Who we are and what we believe
Just like your organization, PPL is shaped by beliefs & values
PPL is guided daily by our mission, vision, and values—beliefs that both ground our team and drive us to keep learning, innovating, and growing.

See why some of the world’s leading organizations love working with PPL

For almost 40 years, PPL has served organizations and leaders around the world with a research-backed assessment and resources that put people first.

When we know people better, we experience a new impact – across employee engagement, employee retention, and bottom-line performance.

Founding Year
Profit Back to R&D

PPL is an internationally-known leader in workplace assessments with tools and resources, including the gold-standard Five-Factor Model.

We are committed to helping organizations know people better and create a sustainable and strategic, people-driven impact.
How it works:
WorkPlace Big Five Profile™  reports provide actionable insights into how personality can impact how each employee thrives.
The WorkPlace Big Five Profile™  report data opens the door to real, transparent conversations. When employees learn more about themselves, they develop a self-awareness that allows them to advocate for themselves and their future. On the flip side, managers and leaders are more equipped to match employees’ natural interests and tendencies with roles and projects.

WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ certification​ empowers HR leaders and executives to see the potential in employees and support them – and their personalities – accordingly.

Every employee wants to wake up in the morning excited & energized. The more they know about what triggers that feeling in themselves, the more likely they are to succeed & thrive in your organization.
Our mission
What gets us out of bed in the morning
The PPL mission is simple: Help people, teams & organizations in creating conditions for well-being at work.
Our vision
Our North Star that answers the ‘why’ question every, single day
Our vision is to be a recognized and trusted expert in personality at work. We want to be your partner in understanding how you can improve your organization’s well-being and performance—whether that means helping you find a good fit for a role, changing how you communicate with each other, or shifting how you collaborate.
Our core values
These principles guide our organization’s culture, communication & collaboration
Our core values are both a way of being and a way of doing. They guide how we show up with each other, how we show up with you, and how we go about ‘doing’ the work and taking action to transform how we work.
We are human. You are human. Connection has the power to transform individual behaviors that can change lives.
No one works in a bubble–you have colleagues, a team, a department; you leave work to go home to partners, children, and community. You are part of something bigger, professionally and personally. Paradigm is different because we help you process your personality insights in your context–where you are, who you are working with, and what problems you are trying to solve.
Humans change and evolve every day. PPL knows that, and we’re constantly watching how dynamics and cultures change. We then step forward with new solutions.
‘To ground’ is both operational and emotional; we believe in grounding ourselves in science-driven, behavioral data and personality insights. We also know that ‘grounding” means understanding ourselves and others better through the power of these personality insights. When we are “grounded”, we lay the foundation for well-being at work and better performance and engagement—with more effective communication, collaboration, and role alignment.
We believe in the power of personality insights and the importance of identifying what energizes each of us. We do this work because we’ve done the work ourselves—as individuals and as a team.