The right mix of
people, work, and personality.

Paradigm Personality Labs is the science-backed personality framework that helps employees be their best.

Gain the insights to boost retention

More than half of employees who leave say their manager or company could have changed their minds. The insights uncovered in their WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ help each member of your team feel valued and supported.

Create a productive, thriving culture

The WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ reveals the activities that energize each person on your team. When you apply these insights to put the right people in the right roles, performance soars!

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Increase collaboration and performance across the organization

Our clients say PPL helps their teams:

  • Dramatically reduce turnover
  • Make the right hire the first time
  • Outperform year-over-year
  • Assess and improve over time
  • Gain a common vocabulary for success


    PPL Effortlessly fits your entire employee lifecycle

    Talent Acquisition

    15+ years and over 15k hires

    Inform a more efficient group interview process and land the right fit for the role the first time.

    Our long-term client relationships drive impactful organizational change.

    Onboarding, Learning & Development

    50% time savings with intuitive language

    Quick recall of personality insights and how to talk about them means more time on improvement.

    Our reporting is clear and effective, with straightforward and rigorous details.

    Leadership Development & Succession Planning

    Sustain leaders through global transformational change

    Avoid leader burnout with clarity on how change energizes each team member.

    Top leader development outcomes include greater self-awareness.

    Team Optimization

    More Effective As A Whole With Respect And Appreciation For Differences

    Provide individuals with a sense of belonging and help teams feel a collective purpose.

    We focus on the team dynamics that lead to long-term effectiveness.

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    Clients trust Paradigm Personality Labs to help sustain employee engagement and performance

    Empowering Employees to Find the Flow

    PPL helps organizations uncover the work that engages each employee — at the intersection of their strengths and values.


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    “The WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ helps you find and understand personality at work. You are a better leader when you understand what’s going on around you. This gives you a different type of intelligence to understand the people, and their personality.”

    CHRIS B.

    Center for Creative Leadership

    Historic performance, decreased burnout

    Create a thriving culture using the gold standard psychological foundation (Five-Factor Model).

    Recruit, hire and develop the right people the right way.


    A scientifically validated, accessible framework

    Complete an industry-leading certification that uses behavioral science to understand what uniquely energizes individuals.

    Increase employee engagement now.