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Workplace Big Five Profile™

Personality insights delivered to you in one 15-minute assessment.

When your organization knows how to work together, you redefine engagement

Turn results from one assessment into strategies that spark momentum.

One single 15-minute PPL assessment will change how you work with each employee, change the dynamic of your time, and drive bottom-line results.

Almost 40 years of research, data & insight—available to you.

PPL’s Five-Factor framework is supported by almost 40 years of scientific research, employee data, & executive insight, so you can better understand personalities & behaviors.

Start off on the right foot with new employees.

Identify candidates’ personality and behavioral traits from day one so you can set them up to thrive.

Earn an industry-leading behavioral science certification.

PPL can train you with easy-to-implement and straightforward strategies to know people better.
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The WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ Trait Report

PPL’s  customized reports identify each employee’s five  personality supertraits  and 23 subtraits. These traits  lead to aha! moments across behaviors and strengths.
An employee is so much more than their resume. The WorkPlace Big Five Profile™  Trait Report provides the individualized personality insights you need to align candidates with their role and team.
An employee thrives when they use their superpowers. Find those superpowers faster with the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™  Trait Report.
What’s holding you back from building your best team? You’re probably not factoring in the variety of personalities and how they come together. PPL’s detailed reports help organizations meet each employee for who they are and build dynamic and cohesive teams accordingly.

The WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ Competency Report

Competency is so much more than being able to do a job well. It’s about helping employees leverage their personality and natural energy to help them thrive. This report shows you how to set people up for success.
You’re hiring a human being, not just an employee. PPL’s personality insights and reports will help you to reimagine your hiring process to meet people who have the potential to join you as an employee.
A workplace truth: We are all required to do tasks that aren’t natural for us. (Or tasks we just don’t want to do.) When you evaluate an employee’s competency and energy, managers and individuals can help to find the right ways to keep developing people in both their strengths and growth areas.
The word “dynamic” is more than a noun – it’s a way of being and doing. When you focus on team dynamics, you tap into both personality and performance.

The WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ Leader Report

Today’s leader needs to be strong at both the science and art of business. The science of driving effectiveness, performance, and bottom-line results; the art of championing the potential in people and creating a culture where everyone feels a sense of belonging. The Leadership Report supports leaders in learning more about themselves and developing approaches that align with their individual leadership styles under the Big Five.
The well-being of a leader has a lot to do with their self-awareness. Help people leaders understand how they naturally approach leadership skills like delegation, decision-making, and managing conflict.
There’s no one way to lead. There are all kinds of leaders and leadership styles. Help the next generation of leaders develop their style and find their way within your organization.

WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ Group Insights Report & Collaborative Insights Series Reports

These reports provides a graphical narrative of employee scores on the five  WorkPlace  supertraits and 23 subtraits. It will help you to understand the cultural factors, like collaboration, communication, and performance, that builds cohesion among your employees.
Explore frameworks that keep people talking, collaborating, and taking action together.
The health of a team starts with the well-being of a leader and how they communicate, lead, and coach others.
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WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ Trait Report
WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ Competency Report
WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ Leader Report
WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ Group Insights Report & Collaborative Insights Series Reports