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Paradigm Personality Labs reveals vibrant, user-centric brand revamp

With nearly 40 years in business, the industry-leading organization elevates its digital experience to address new shifts in the workforce and the workplace.

By: Paradigm Personality Labs

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – April 17, 2024 – Paradigm Personality Labs, a leading provider of workforce personality insights, unveiled a comprehensive rebranding effort designed to reflect the company’s commitment to helping employees and their companies thrive. The rebrand includes an all-new website with refreshed language that communicates PPL’s’ commitment to empowering clients with insights that can elevate their efficiency, engagement, and bottom-line performance.

PPL, known for the game-changing WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ behavioral assessment suite, launched this effort after an in-depth analysis of industry trends and shifting workplace priorities. Today, 60%¹ of employees are seriously considering quitting for a job that would better support their well-being. Globally, turnover and lost productivity cost businesses $322 billion² every year. And 52%³ of exiting employees say their manager or organization could have done something to prevent them from leaving their job.

PPL’s differentiated workforce personality insights are designed to combat these trends and foster productive and satisfying relationships between employees and employers. To communicate this alignment between services and impact, PPL revamped language and design elements across its website. The results include an enhanced user experience and more opportunities for education and connection. PPL also gave its WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ Trait Report a new look to help companies better leverage its insights, and the company recently launched its first web-based, interactive reports, the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ Group Insights and Collaborative Insights Series reports, and team coaching tools.

“Today’s companies understand that success comes from an engaged, empowered, and well workforce,” said Lisa Dunbar, CEO of Paradigm Personality Labs, in a statement. “Fostering that success has been our mission for nearly 40 years, and we knew it was time to communicate how we create positive change across organizations. Our hope is that this rebrand creates a powerful opportunity to reach more like-minded businesses who are eager to transform the workforce and the workplace for good.”

About Paradigm Personality Labs

Paradigm Personality Labs (PPL) is a leading provider of workplace personality insights, known for its WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ assessment and report suite that includes the popular WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ Trait, Competency, Leader, and Group Insights reports. PPL creates the conditions for well-being at work for companies across more than 13 industries and 28 countries around the world.

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