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Join an elite group of highly-qualified human resource and organizational development managers, consultants, and educators who are using Big Five research to lead their organizations confidently into the future.

Learning what makes a cohesive, productive workforce has been our passion since we opened our doors. We have devoted our lives to understanding people – their complexities, strengths and motivations. Jump in to our world by participating in the Paradigm Core Certification Program and elevate your organization to new heights with the insights you gain.

WorkPlace Big Five ProfileTM Certification

Unlock success in the workplace.

Experience a comprehensive training that empowers YOU to apply the WorkPlace Big Five ProfileTM in your organization.

In our 2½-day WorkPlace Big Five ProfileTM Certification, you will:

  • Learn about your WorkPlace Big Five ProfileTM results and how to leverage them in the workplace
  • Discover Paradigm Personality Labs’ Human Resource Optimization model—and how it streamlines the path to organizational success
  • Hone your new skills by applying your Big Five knowledge to real-world, business case studies

… and much more!

SchoolPlace Big Five ProfileTM Certification

It’s time to enhance the student experience.

Learn to apply the SchoolPlace Big Five ProfileTM and help your students get the most out of their educational experience.

This program builds off of the WorkPlace Big Five ProfileTM course, which is a prerequisite.

In our one-day SchoolPlace Big Five ProfileTM Certification, you will learn to:

  • Identify your students’ individual learning styles to help increase academic performance
  • Explore best-fitting career paths based on a student’s individual personality profile
  • Develop essential leadership skills that will serve your students in school now—and later in the workplace

… and much more!

WorkPlace Performance 360°TM Certification

Gain deeper insight into the strengths and development areas of your workforce.

Acquire the knowledge needed to apply our powerful WorkPlace Performance 360°TM tool in your organization—and do development the right way.

In our WorkPlace Performance 360°TM Certification, you will learn to:

  • Highlight an individual’s strengths, challenges, comfort zones, and blind spots in a WorkPlace Performance 360°TM Report and apply our Human Resource Optimization for development plans that create impactful results
  • Understand employee competency-based performance and its interaction with Big Five personality traits
  • Use psychometric principles to create a customized, highly effective WorkPlace Performance 360°

… and much more!

Already well-versed in assessments? Get Qualified.

Among psychological test publishers in the United States, our assessments are considered Level B psychological materials. There are two different ways that you can qualify to purchase Paradigm assessments:

  1. Attend and participate in our WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ and/or WorkPlace Performance 360°™ certification program(s), either in the classroom or online. No matter how credentialed, we believe this is the best foundation from which to learn how to apply our assessments.
  2. Complete the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ qualification form and/or WorkPlace Performance 360°™ qualification form so that we have a record of your statement attesting that you have satisfied Level B requirements as follows:
    1. Have at least an undergraduate degree in psychology or a related field (such as counseling)
    2. Completed courses in tests and measurements (psychometrics), educational or psychological statistics, and/or test interpretation
    3. OR appropriate licensure


When are the Core Certification Programs?

Program dates are listed here. The Online Core Certification Program can be taken anytime, at your pace. Contact us to discuss an in-house certification program

I’m familiar with the Big Five Model of Personality, but I don’t think I am an “expert” yet. Will this program make me a subject-matter expert or just cover things I already know?

The Core Certification Program covers basic and in-depth WorkPlace Big Five™ applications to help human resources professionals solve problems in all aspects of organizational development. You do not have to be a subject-matter expert when you take the course, but you will be well on your way to being one when you complete it.

My organization needs an upgrade. Will this program help us?

Definitely. The Big Five, or Five Factor Model of Personality is the gold standard in psychological research. Our WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ and SchoolPlace Big Five Profile™ products build on this research with in-depth assessments and reports that provide a nuanced look into personality traits as they apply to the workplace and the schoolplace. Organizations that use the Five Factor Model are at the head of the pack in organizational development and as a result, have more engaged and more productive workforces.

I am already certified in several other assessments and would like to add a Big Five assessment to my toolkit. Is this program for me?

Yes. There are many tools out there. Getting certified in the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ allows you to offer your organization or your clients one of the most sophisticated, yet easily applied, assessments available today. Our certified consultants consistently tell us that our assessments have opened opportunities for them. Register here to get started adding our certifications to your repertoire.

Is the Big Five or Five Factor Model really that reliable?

Yes! The Big Five is the most trusted, most reliable and most accepted form of personality measurement. Our co-founders, Pierce Howard and Jane Mitchell Howard, were pioneers in applying the model to work and educational settings. Now the Five Factor Model is the gold standard of the industry. Read more about the Howards’ journey here and more about the Big Five.

This sounds great, but I don’t have a lot of free time. Can I fit this certification program into my busy schedule?

Absolutely! There are three options for completing this program. You can attend a 2½-day workshop in Charlotte, N.C., on one of the program dates listed here. You can take the course online, at your own pace, and receive materials and guidance virtually from trained Paradigm experts. Or you can contact us to set up in-house training at your organization’s offices. Contact us to discuss this option and how we can best meet your needs.