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The WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ is the only assessment that considers and leverages individual motivations for success and well-being.  ​

Built on the gold standard in psychological research Five-Factor Model, our framework provides transformational changes across the entire employee lifecycle.

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About the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ certification

We empower HR, OD leaders, coaches, and consultants to uncover development insights that improve decision making. From career paths and role alignment to augmenting individual and organizational goals and outcomes, our resources help people understand themselves and one another.

Learn the behavioral science behind our assessment and reports

Our certification outlines how each employee’s unique personality footprint affects their work preferences and style.


Use the trusted Five-Factor framework and its psychometrics to enhance employee and team development. Our approach makes it easy to understand personality differences and the roles they play in workplace success.


Learn how to map Trait Energy (the natural vitality a person experiences when engaged in work that matches their ​​​natural strengths and preferences​) to specific workplace activities and strategically improve performance, engagement, and personal well-being.


Explore our insights-to-action approach with tools that help employees uncover context-specific insights and align their behavioral energy to their work.

How it works:

Explore our monthly online format:

  • Engage with guided and self-directed modules throughout the course.
  • Learn from Paradigm facilitators and peers.
  • Access our one-of-a-kind Practitioner Toolbox resources to increase your impact.
  • Receive ongoing support from Paradigm’s community practitioner regular learning opportunities.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    When are the Core Certification Programs?

    Programs are listed here. Contact us for Cohort Certification dates and course schedules.

    I’m familiar with the Big Five Model of Personality, but I don’t think I am an “expert” yet. Will this program make me a subject-matter expert or just cover things I already know?

    The Core Certification Program covers basic and in-depth WorkPlace Big Five™ applications to help human resources professionals solve problems in all aspects of organizational development. You do not have to be a subject-matter expert when you take the course, but you will be well on your way to being one when you complete it.

    My organization needs an upgrade. Will this program help us?

    Definitely. The Big Five, or Five Factor Model of Personality is the gold standard in psychological research. Our WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ product builds on this research with in-depth assessments and reports that provide a nuanced look into personality traits as they apply to the workplace and the schoolplace. Organizations that use the Five Factor Model are at the head of the pack in organizational development and as a result, have more engaged and more productive workforces.

    I am already certified in several other assessments and would like to add a Big Five assessment to my toolkit. Is this program for me?

    Yes. There are many tools out there. Getting certified in the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ allows you to offer your organization or your clients one of the most sophisticated, yet easily applied, assessments available today. Our certified consultants consistently tell us that our assessments have opened opportunities for them. Register here to get started adding our certifications to your repertoire.

    Is the Big Five or Five Factor Model really that reliable?

    Yes! The Big Five is the most trusted, most reliable and most accepted form of personality measurement. Our co-founders, Pierce Howard and Jane Mitchell Howard, were pioneers in applying the model to work and educational settings. Now the Five Factor Model is the gold standard of the industry.