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Frequently Asked Questions

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Definitely. The Big Five, or Five Factor Model of Personality is the gold standard in psychological research. Our WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ product builds on this research with in-depth assessments and reports that provide a nuanced look into personality traits as they apply to the workplace and the schoolplace. Organizations that use the Five Factor Model are at the head of the pack in organizational development. As a result, they have more engaged and more productive workforces.

There are many personality insights and team development tools on the market – as certifications, courses, or books. Adding a Big Five assessment certification will deepen your expertise and enhance your credibility and knowledge. Earning a certification in the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ allows you to offer your organization or your clients one of the most sophisticated, yet easily applied, assessments available today. Our certified consultants consistently tell us that our assessments have opened opportunities for them.

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Yes! The Big Five is the most trusted, most reliable and most accepted form of personality measurement. It is used by people and organizations around the world. Our co-founders, Pierce Howard and Jane Mitchell Howard, were pioneers in applying the model to work and educational settings and creating a system that evolved with people and for people. Today, the Five Factor Model is the gold standard of the industry.

This sounds great, but I don’t have a lot of free time. Can I fit this certification program into my busy schedule?

Today’s working professional is busier than ever – we get it. Which is why we have designed certification programs that work with you and your busy schedule.

Contact us to discuss these options – we can’t wait to meet you, learn more about the work you do, and design a program that can best meet your needs.