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Great hires bring great results

Harness the power of our data-driven WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ and WorkPlace Values Profile™ to choose the best hires for your organization.

Hire the Best

At Paradigm Personality Labs we help your organization choose the right people for the right roles. Confidently pick the best of the best in your applicant pool by analyzing each prospect’s job and organizational fit with our data-driven WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ Trait Report to evaluate candidate behavioral fit with specific roles. Organizations can use the WorkPlace Values Profile™ to understand how candidates’ unique motivations affect their work preferences and style. The WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ Competency Report can be used to measure a candidate’s natural energy for job-related competencies.

Accelerate Onboarding Time

We’re not about trying to fit round pegs into square holes. We appreciate the unique skills and qualities everyone brings to the table. Embracing this philosophy, we’ve developed our unique WorkPlace product suite to accelerate your employee onboarding process and help your new hire thrive at your organization.


Your workforce brings your company’s vision and mission to life.

Empower your people with Paradigm Personality Labs’ industry-leading assessments.

Boost Employee Performance

The value of your services means everything to your customers. At the end of the day, your employees carry the quality of your services to the forefront. Identify your employees’ natural strengths with our WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ Competenecy Report and develop individual performance with our WorkPlace Performance 360°™ tool. Boost employee performance, and consistently meet and exceed your customer’s expectations.

Ignite Workforce Engagement

An engaged workforce feels appreciated, connected to their work, and as a result, contributes to organizational goals. Light a spark in your people that creates lasting engagement by helping them understand how to create these conditions through aligning work with their unique personality footprint. 


When each team member meets individual goals, the whole team rises to the top.

Leverage the insights gained from the WorkPlace suite and watch your work team thrive.

Boost Team Performance

A strong work team communicates well and reaches its goals. A team’s strong collaboration, combination of individual skills, and overall expertise increases its chances of success—making organizational initiatives a breeze. Identify team member strengths, communication styles, and personality diversity with our WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ Teamer Report. Then target individual team member development with our WorkPlace Performance 360°™.


Do your current and future leaders know how their personality shapes their behavior in the workplace?

Leverage the leadership-focused tools from our WorkPlace suite and begin building stronger leaders for your organization.

Leadership Development

Great leaders build great organizations. Watch your managers and executives build high-performing teams and business units by growing their leadership capacity with our data-driven WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ Leader Report. Begin building strong leaders and watch your organization reap the benefits.

Build a Leadership Pipeline

Is your organization investing in its future leaders? Build your leadership pipeline by identifying your high potentials, developing their natural capacities, and empowering those leaders to reach the long-term goals of your organization. Generate a pipeline of effective future leaders with our WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ Leader Report and ensure the future of your organization.