SchoolPlace Big Five ProfileTM

Helping Students Thrive

Enhance the student experience

It’s never too early to kick-start career growth with the SchoolPlace Big Five ProfileTM 4.0.

At Paradigm Personality Labs, we want to plant seeds of hope, foster confidence and empower students to visualize their career goals. Our personality assessment is designed specifically for the 12 to 22 age group to help students with:


Choosing a
college major


Growing leadership

career paths

Understanding their
learning style

Across the world, schools, colleges, and universities use our SchoolPlace Big Five ProfileTM 4.0 assessment to help their students succeed. The SchoolPlace assessment is backed by more than 20 years of educational and psychological research and can be applied in any educational environment – from middle school, high school, and college to vocational schools.

Like all of our products, the SchoolPlace Big Five Profile™ is based on the Five-Factor Model of Personality. Read more about the Five-Factor Model of Personality, the gold standard for personality research.

Available Reports

Participants using the SchoolPlace Big Five ProfileTM 4.0 product suite take a single assessment. The output from this assessment is used to create the following reports:

SchoolPlace Big Five ProfileTM 4.0 Career Guider Report

Exploring students’ best career fit.

The SchoolPlace Career Guider Report analyzes an individual’s personality infrastructure and compares it to competencies required for specific jobs. This report provides best fits in regards to career choice, as well as identifies strategies to leverage strengths and minimize weaknesses for efficient job performance.

  • Big Five Traits / Job-Relatedness
  • 25 ACT Work Attributes Preferences
  • Job content: The Holland Hexagon

SchoolPlace Big Five ProfileTM 4.0 Learner Report

Improving academic performance.

The SchoolPlace Learner Report analyzes a student’s academic performance approach, social learning styles, possible distractions, and more. The Learner Report helps students leverage self-awareness in order to accomplish their academic goals.

Some Modules included are:

  • Big Five Learning Strategies
  • Performance Under Autonomous Conditions
  • SEA Leadership Model

SchoolPlace Big Five ProfileTM 4.0 Leader Report

Enhancing student leadership abilities.

The SchoolPlace Leader Report reveals a student’s unique leadership profile, leadership strengths, and abilities to leverage and develop opportunities and approaches. By analyzing an individual’s leadership style under the Big Five and other popular models including:

  • Delegation Style
  • Sound v. Speedy Decision-Making
  • Individual -to-Ideal Leader Comparison

This popular tool is used by executive coaches and leadership development professionals to foster awareness and effective development approaches.