WorkPlace Performance 360°TM

Boosting Performance for Individuals and Organizations

Workplace Performance 360°TM

The Workplace Performance 360°TM gives critical insights into behaviors that matter in the workplace. Colleagues see each other’s work every day and recognize contributions to the organization. These observations from colleagues and managers provide essential feedback for professional and personal development.

Fuel the individual and the organization with our trusted 360° platform, backed by Paradigm’s wealth of research and knowledge. The WorkPlace Performance 360°TM integrates information on WorkPlace Big Five ProfileTM competencies and personality traits with performance to create a single, powerful intervention. It is an appropriate development tool for leaders, midlevel management, and employees.

The intuitive, web-based assessment can easily fit into your workflow. Reports are concise and include easily digestible graphics and tables to clearly outline your results.

The Workplace Performance 360°TM highlights an individual’s






The flexible design of the Workplace Performance 360°TM assessment means that your organization can focus on the information that matters to you.

Customization options include

  • Global and per-item comments
  • Competencies, including rank by strength and importance
  • Anchors and rater categories