The Practitioner Toolbox Levels Up Your Impact

Our expanded resource center empowers you to be an advanced WorkPlace solutions practitioner

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The Practitioner Toolbox is a comprehensive one-stop resource center that combines learning, sample reports, research, and facilitator tools so you are fully supported in bringing powerful insights-to action experiences to leaders, teams, employees, and the selection process.

Use the Practitioner Toolbox to

  • Find best practices to present WorkPlace virtually or face-to-face to both individuals and groups.
  • Access plug and play session material including PowerPoints, facilitator notes, participant worksheets, and workbooks.
  • Learn how to incorporate re-imagined Paradigm concepts such as Trait Energy, Personality Footprint, and Leadership footprint to help people bring their best to their work.
  • Gain online access to Paradigm professional manuals.
  • Brush up on your Workplace learning.
  • Review past webinars.
  • Access Paradigm blog posts, whitepapers, and other learning assets.
  • Find e-brochures and tools to help advocate for the use of Paradigm products with your clients or stakeholders.
  • Promote your consulting business through the Paradigm website.
  • Learn how to use the My Paradigm Dashboard and Credit System.