Assessment Administration Just Got Easier
with the New My Paradigm Dashboard

WorkPlace success tools, at your fingertips

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First, we redesigned the My Paradigm Dashboard, combining detailed observations of how clients interact with the platform to accomplish their goals and our user experience expertise. The result is a single platform to make it easy and efficient for you to manage your Paradigm assessment use for both you as a certified consultant & for your assessment participants.

Next, we expanded the Practitioner Toolbox’s ability to share resources to empower you in your use of Paradigm assessments. It’s also a comprehensive one-stop resource center that combines learning, sample reports, research, and facilitator tools that fully support you in bringing insights-to-action experiences to leaders, teams, employees, and the selection process.

Finally, we carefully designed the platform to address current and anticipated future data privacy and security concerns.


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How to Create a WorkPlace Big Five Profile Project

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How to Create a WorkPlace Values Profile Project

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How to View a Project

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How to Edit and Refund an Assessment

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How to Add Assessments and Reports

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How to Reassign an Assessment

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How to Send Assessments and Reports

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How to Edit an Existing Project

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How to Reassign a Project

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How to Join the Consultant Network

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide an overview of the new features of MyParadigm Dashboard?

  • Reassign or refund unused links directly from your dashboard to quickly and easily manage your assessment purchases
  • View transaction history is a direct line into your purchase history, saving you time and effort during your busy day
  • Mass Uploads – allows you to efficiently and quickly set up even the largest assessment projects.
  • Send assessments later
  • Quick view of assessment projects – The My Paradigm Dashboard homepage provides most frequently used actions such as this so that you can monitor assessment completion in your most current assessment projects at-a-glance
  • Additional resources in Consultant’s Toolkit -see 1B
  • Increased encryption & privacy – so that organizations and individuals feel confident in the security of their information and that their privacy is respected according to policy standards in their organization, under their governing bodies, and assessment participants desires.
  • Participant data set exports – When you want aggregate score data for your organization or a group of assessment participants to better understand behavioral trends and patterns, you can request these from customer service
  • Support virtual debrief and learning sessions by directly sending reports to participants helps you streamline processes in our increasingly virtual environment.

What will happen to my cobranded reports? Will you transfer the logo?

We will transfer your co-branded logo to the new system for you so that the new reports will also be co-branded.

What are the additions for data privacy and security?

  • New password requirements
  • DB has additional encryption
  • Password resets come straight from the site we don’t have access to it at all

Would my logins change?

The new My Paradigm Dashboard is accessed through a new domain. While you will receive a new login, the process to receive login credentials has been simplified.

What will happen to reports from the existing version?

Assessments with completed questionnaires will live on the existing site through December 31, 2021. We encourage clients to download reports and save them on their file-sharing platforms in accordance with appropriate data privacy and security protocols.

Can you transfer assessments taken on the old system to the new system?

  • There are new questions and updated psychometrics in the new version of the WorkPlace Big Five Profile assessment that improve the quality of information contains, so an individual’s item responses cannot be carried over to the new platform to create a report. However, we are offering incentives for organizations to re-assess individuals on the new platform. If you are interested in exploring this, please contact
  • Also, it is important to remember that it is a best practice to re-assess participants every three years.

Can I create WorkPlace Big Five Profile Teamer and Leader reports with individuals who have taken the current version of the assessment?

Teamers and Leaders cannot be run on the new system with the retired version of the report. You will need to either run any such anticipated reports before the launch of the new WorkPlace reports and system on August 5 or reassess participants who took the retired questionnaire. we are offering incentives for organizations to re-assess individuals on the new platform. If you are interested in exploring this, please contact

How can I best prepare for the transition?

  • Review the resources on this website developed especially to educate our clients on all aspects of the launch.
  • Watch the videos that we have provided to get familiar with the new WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ reports and to learn how to use the new system.
  • Watch for email communications from Paradigm
  • Download reports off the existing system