Learn How the Paradigm Suite Can Increase Productivity and Engagement

Government agencies on every level—from international to domestic and from federal to local—rely on the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ for a variety of needs.

Team building

Consulting with
executive level


Here’s a glimpse at a couple
of our government partners:

Large Federal Agency

A large U.S. federal government agency based in Washington, D.C., with several thousand employees, uses the WorkPlace suite for leadership development and management training for executives and mid-level employees. This agency also uses custom Teamer Reports to complement its team building workshops. This agency has used more than 1,000 WorkPlace assessments since 2009.

State Agency Profile

A U.S. state government vocational rehabilitation department, helps eligible residents with disabilities achieve and maintain competitive employment. It is nationally top-ranked in many vocational rehabilitation service categories and its efficiency and effectiveness are a national model for other VR agencies.

Its specialties include evaluation, training, disability management, and job search. The mid-sized organization has been using the WorkPlace system for 18 years. We consult with this organization to identify target profiles for roles using validity studies.

Smaller Local Agency

A mid-sized, county-level agency in one of the most populous counties in North Carolina uses the WorkPlace product suite, including custom leader reports, for career development and training programs. This agency has several certified WorkPlace consultants and uses the WorkPlace suite for job profiling and selection by creating target personality profiles for positions that need to be filled.