Education Clients

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Schools and universities all over the world use our SchoolPlace and WorkPlace assessments to address significant growth areas in their students, from identifying personal study strategies to choosing college majors. Our products provide deep analysis that creates self-awareness in students, helping them understand their own natural strengths and weaknesses to find their best-fit career options.

Here’s a glimpse at a few of our education partners:

Large U.S. University

A flagship state university with more than 30,000 students and over 200 years of history and tradition has been a WorkPlace and SchoolPlace user since 2015.

This university has 10 WorkPlace Big Five ProfileTM certified consultants who use the assessments and reports as part of a unique and collaborative environment in which students explore their own leadership development.

Midsized U.K. University

One of the world’s top social sciences universities, located in the United Kingdom, uses our product suite in its Global Executive MBA program.

This university has been a WorkPlace user for the past 8 years.

Small U.S. University

This respected university’s business school uses the WorkPlace suite in its Organizational Management undergraduate course and in its Key Executives MBA program for C-level, senior and business owner-executives. This university has more than 10 WorkPlace Big Five ProfileTM certified consultants on campus.