What Drives Us


Our Manifesto

What Drives Us

The time for change is now.

We’re built upon years of research to lead the charge to profound optimization because we believe in you and your workforce.

Your employees are the front lines of your organization and we don’t believe in underestimating them.

We believe in harnessing your people’s strengths, motivations and personality traits to put the puzzle pieces together and perfect your organization.

We don’t think a resume can truly show the unique traits each employee can provide.

So we go deeper than a resume.

We find beauty and power in individuality.

Engagement, retention, satisfaction & pride start with finding your niche and loving what you do.

We leverage years of personality research to understand people – honoring their complexity, individuality, & diverse strengths.

We use our findings to unleash their potential.

Because we know your employees hold the keys to your success.