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CentACS is Evolving into Paradigm Personality Labs

By August 23, 2017 No Comments

2017 is a year of expansion and new opportunity here at CentACS. We are excited to announce a change that we’ve been working on for more than a year:

CentACS will officially become Paradigm Personality Labs on August 28, 2017. With this new name, we will launch a fresh new look, with modernized logo and colors that will consistently identify our brand across our company’s products.

Why is CentACS changing a name associated with our company since the 1990s? A little history:

Pierce and Jane Howard started this company in 1986, and originally named it Howard Management Consulting. Over the next few years as they gained more clients, garnered more respect in the industry, and began using the Big Five model in their practice, they expanded from a two-person consulting practice into a company with global reach.

In 1992, the Howards renamed the company Center for Applied Cognitive Studies, or CentACS, as it is often called. Since then, the CentACS team has worked hard to provide clients all over the world with our top-quality behavioral assessments, including our flagship WorkPlace Big Five ProfileTM, as well as certification.

What will be changing?

Our website will be redesigned and updated to reflect the new company name, logo and colors we mentioned. Our product names will not change, but the reports and other printed materials will have a new look consistent with the rest of the redesign.

Strategically, we are making an even deeper commitment to innovative assessment solutions that provide concise, deep information based on advanced psychometric test construction and technology.

What remains the same?

Our promise is not changing.
Our values are not changing.
Our founders and leaders in the company are not changing.

We are still forward-thinking and grounded in relationships with our trusted consultants and clients.

And we’re even more excited about the opportunities ahead.

If you would like to learn more, let’s talk! You can reach me at