Advanced Certifications

Gain Expertise with Hands-On Training. Accomplish Specific Organizational Goals.

Building Teams Certification


Your organization is only as successful as the people who work hard for it.

Elevate your workteam performance

In this half-day program, you will learn to elevate your work team’s performance by exploring real-world case studies and leveraging team members’ individual strengths in a workplace simulation.

An arsenal of skills and tactics

You will leave the Building Teams Certification with an arsenal of skills and tactics to build and maintain top-performing work teams at your organization and gain a deeper understanding of how to apply the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ 4.0 and the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ 4.0 Teamer Report.

Coaching Leaders and Guiding Careers Certification


With great leadership, an organization can experience systemic improvement at every level.

Take your leadership to the next level

Learn to strengthen your organization’s leadership in our Coaching Leaders and Guiding Careers Certification.

In our half-day Developing Leaders Certification, you will gain the knowledge needed to build highly effective leaders within your organization. In this program, you will:

  • Learn to apply our Leader Report, Coacher Report, and Career Guider Report in your executive development initiatives
  • Explore real-world leadership development cases that utilize our reports and assessments
  • Gain hands-on training with an executive coaching simulation

Selection Certification


When it comes to building a great organization, choosing the right people is paramount to success.

Choose the right people

When it comes to building a great organization, choosing the right people is essential for success. In Paradigm Personality Labs’ Selection Certification, we give you the expertise to choose the best employees from your applicant pool. Whether you need to fill an existing role or create a new one, our Selection Certification helps you identify the applicants who best fulfill your organization’s needs.

Improve the selection process

The Selection Certification teaches you to use the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ framework, including the Job Profiler, Trait Capacitor Report, and Interview Guide to greatly improve the selection process. Participants in this half-day program review real-world case studies, learn how to identify ideal personality traits for particular positions and develop structured interviews for applicants.

You will leave the Selection Certification confident in your ability to identify the best people for any position in your organization.